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Ofsted Reports

Unique Reference Number (URN): EY267474

"Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding."

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Children make exceptional progress at Kaleidoscope Nursery because of the high quality of provision which underpins their overall development in all areas of learning. Nursery leaders have developed a highly trained team of practitioners who have an excellent understanding of how children learn and develop through play.

The excellent leadership team demonstrate vision, ambition and drive in order to create and provide high quality child care. They have been extremely successful in building upon previous experiences through detailed and intensive evaluation of the provision in order to achieve high standards. They have an excellent capacity to make both further and continuous improvement.

The safety of children is given high priority and they are very well safeguarded through the nursery's excellent and extensive range of polices and procedures.

Staff are very effectively deployed to work with children of different ages, according to their own areas of interest and expertise. The indoor and outdoor areas are used exceptionally well to provide an interesting and stimulating environment.

Children arrive at the start of the session full of confidence because the staff know them so well and have established excellent relationships with them. Children are familiar with the routines and fully engage in the activities provided for them because they are enjoyable and closely matched to their individual needs. Exploration and discovery activities aid learning very well especially in the outdoor areas and the garden where children can build dens and focus on nature as well as on problem solving. Through consultation with their key person children identify their interests and this is taken into account on the weekly planning schedule. Detailed and accurate assessments ensure children's next steps are also clearly identified in planning in order to ensure learning and development moves on at an appropriate pace. By the time children are ready to transfer into full time school most will have made good progress, and some will have made excellent progress by achieving many of the early learning goals.

Writing skills are promoted extremely well through role play and opportunities for mark making. The older children are able to write their names accurately, and show a good understanding of initial letter sounds because of the effective letters and sounds programme that is provided regularly for them in line with the system taught in the school. Fine motor skills are further developed through drawing and painting activities. Counting and number recognition is given prominence with clear evidence of children's involvement displayed around the walls, and opportunities to use these skills are frequently provided.

The nursery provides a very strong focus on developing children's knowledge and understanding of the natural world through the many opportunities for them to experience the natural environment.

Babies and toddlers are well provided for through comfortable, warm and caring environments where a wide range of resources provide stimulation to promote interest, and curiosity of their immediate world around them. Skilled staff use resources very effectively to engage and interest children, and allow children to make their own choices. The regular routines and high quality staff interaction ensure children develop an excellent sense of security.

Behaviour is exemplary. Children's progress is high because of the exceptional progress they make in basic skills of communication, numeracy and other areas of the curriculum. Therefore, preparation for their future is excellent.

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